Bala Agro Invest

Walnut, our source of…ambition
The company bets solely on walnut and has the ambition to be a leader in the domain. As the walnut trees and fruits are known for their proven qualities and capabilities, as a healthy food ingredient, valuable resource for beauty care industry, but also for furniture, the bet is not a blind one! George Dragoș Constantinescu, one of the co-founders reaffirms the message time and time again: “We do think we have the conditions to become leaders in the walnut production! We have secured a fleet of modern machinery and equipment, but, first of all, we invested in having valuable qualified workforce. Our staff are specialized in grafting walnut trees, and creating saplings for our own needs.
For the walnut farming, we also collaborate with the Institute for Research and Development for Pomiculture from Geoagiu, making sure we provide the highest quality”. With a young plantation of 110 hectares, divided into three farms, cultivated with 5,000 trees in 2015 and 5,000 more in 2017, Bala Agro Invest has definitely secured its position at the highest bidders table. Not for a short period of time, but for another 50 years, the average period of production for a walnut tree. Currently in conversion to organic, the producer has also raised the bet by promising a certified organic walnut to enter the market with, by the 2018 yearend.

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Bala Agro Invest

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Pădurani, Timiș County, Romania


+40 744 644 480

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George Dragoș Constantinescu