Bio Medical Estetic

In service of healthy skin care
The skin is a very sensitive organ of the human body, absorbing equally the chemicals used on a daily basis as well as the nutrients and vitamins! Nevertheless, all skin deserves to be cared for in the best way possible, this is why Bio Protect will treat it with a nutrient-dense natural milk! The answer seems evident, though it was a bold move for the company to surprise the market with its goat milk soap or shampoo, seven years ago. The goat milk is quite an exotic product for the food industry, at least in comparison with the cow milk, but for the cosmetic industry, it sure is. Or, better said, it started not to be anymore. Step by step, a niche market has emerged for this kind of products, and Bio Protect is one of those responsible for this new trend.
Because, beside the financial mechanism, the market is shaped through the power of education.Furthermore, opening a factory precisely on a field with medicinal plants, near an old forest (Delea, in East of the country) proved to be a smart decision. The customers can be sure that all products are based on organic ingredients, predominantly beekeeping products, goat milk and marigold extracts. Yet, the company considers that more could be done to change the market perceptions, if organic beauty care products are to be taken in by new channels, like HoReCa, besides the traditional boutiques or beauty salons.

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Bio Medical Estetic

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60 Delea Street, Vaslui, Vaslui County, Romania



Representative’s name:

Mihaela Macovei