Promoting a region with vocation for the organic agriculture
BioNEst Cluster is one of the youngest Romanian clusters, and thus is willing to demonstrate that can bring fresh air and open new pathways in helping its members to accomplish their economic potential. The cluster members are genuine believers in their region potential, North-East of Romania, as it has several competitive advantages in organic agriculture based on local traditions, specialists, environment conditions and experience. Thus, they are willing to create and promote a regional cultural identity for this region through sustainable and innovative projects, giving their member companies the national and international exposure they need and deserve.Focusing on identifying and attract financing funds, but also on developing an extensive network of national and international partners through participation in fairs, economic missions and specific events.
In the same time, they also thrive to develop an educational program for their members and invest in research activities. Their core belief is that not only the food industry, but also the entire society, could benefit if more effort would be invested in demonstrating the real benefits of the organic agriculture for a healthy lifestyle, based on facts and scientific arguments. Capacity of productions: Cold preset oleum – 1200 tonns per year, ecological and natural only; Seabuckthorn 200 tonns per year, ecological and natural only; Ecological beehives - 500 per year; Mated carpathian ecological queens – 1000 per year; Honey – 1,000 tonns, ecological an natural only; 5 tonnes natural cheese per month.

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Postal address:

Iași County, Romania


+40 371 788 889: +40 723 255 632

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Cătălin Maxim