The magic equation: bees + trees = harmony
The beekeeper Adrian Maxim is one of the many Romanians who strongly believe in apitherapy. Hence, he made a business out of this passion by helping others to find their balance in the middle of an orchard full of hives, between trees and bees. Svarga Loka, the name of this orchard from the NE of the country, inspired by Hindu cosmology, aims at bringing universal spirituality into a local garden of Eden, a place of harmony. This beekeeper is convinced that the bees’ work is essential not only for preserving the natural ecosystem, but also for maintain the human system.
The honey is fully loaded with energies coming from mother nature, which they are quietly passing on to us. Thus, through this magical mechanism called bee, we are more connected with nature, a real blessing in our agitated modern lifestyle. You can only understand by trying the Svarga Loka honey, the raw pollen, the queen bee milk, handmade cream with beeswax or regenerating lotions with propolis. “Queen bee milk”! It sounds so magic, doesn’t it?

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Str. Anastasia Doamna nr. 14, Bârnova, IașiComuna Bârnova, Iași


+40 723 255 632

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Cătălin Maxim