Good (Romanian) apples are based on research
Fructex is a name with tradition in research regarding fruit, especially apples, and cherries. They are making it a duty to preserve the impressive collection of germplasm – 700 varieties of apple and 231 varieties of White Sea buckthorn from all over Romania. Nevertheless, Fructex is also a modern, consumer-oriented company that applies up-to-date culture and production technology. They are exploiting their expertise in the four departments: research, fruit production, certified fruit cultivation and consultancy to the Romanian farmers. The company is investing in replacing the old apple orchard with new certified varieties. The research findings are disseminated during the growers’ meetings and also through individual consultancy services, aimed at supporting the development of Romanian farms.
The researchers take also actively place in scientific life, they publish their results in scientific books, newspapers and magazines targeting producers. Providing modern varieties of sapling, but also high consultancy services, it helps fruit growers in Romania to obtain rapid results, taking a professional and responsible approach to plant protection problems. Summarising, Fructex speaks for tradition, experience, quality and the respect for partners.

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237 Calea Românului Street, Bacău, Romania


+40 728 074 470

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Ioan Viorel Rati