Green First Farm

Meet our ambassadors, Clara and Mara
When Green First Farm decided to enter the organic agriculture business, they selected a name speaking by itself about the company’s ethic foundation: green first! As Michaela Căruțașu says, one of the founders: “This is not only about the organic products, it is, first of all, about a culture we want to cultivate: HONESTY, RESPECT, QUALITY and PURITY. We want to work in harmony with our customers, as well with nature. Because, by respecting your land, you also respect your customer”. And the company continuously keeps its promise by producing and harvesting sea buckthorn through an ecological and environmentally healthy manner, always checked by trusted international certification bodies. Thus, proudly introduces to the customers two varieties of organic sea buckthorn, grown to be the ambassadors of an extraordinary quality, Clara and Mara (lt. Hipophae Rhamnoides).
Moreover, including carefully controlled cultivation methods, the company is able to maintain the fruits natural benefits and properties from harvesting, delivery and storage, sorting, packaging to dispatch. Thus, in any form the fruit is sold - fresh, juice, oil, powder or dehydrated – the customer is sure to find a healthy source of vitamins. As Green First Farm strongly believes in the virtues of sea buckthorn, its offer is dedicated to health, pharmaceutical and beauty care industries, as well to the HoReCa sector, thus contributing to the preservation and improvement of human health and also to skin care and healing. Finally, embrace Michaela’s advice to the market: “As we trust the benefits of this amazing fruit, you can also trust us as a high-rate supplier”.

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Green First Farm

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Unirii Boulevard, 13 G Building, 3rd Flat, Buzău, Romania


+40 742 070 775

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Michaela Căruțașu