Innovation, the secret for a “youth preserving” business…
In July this year, Mayie launched the UK online shop. This was a dream came true for the founders, a young couple who left the office work for lavender farming. The start-up, fuelled by their ambition, flourished into their own farm, a processing facility for essential oils and a cosmetic line, with custom made formulas. As the market demand grew, they also developed a network of 30+ peer farms and engaged in various social enterprise activities across Romania. Focusing on quality products for healthy, ageless and natural looking skin, they realized that innovation is the secret for making a difference.
Consequently, they kept investing in research, always looking for new extraction methods, ingredients, delivery systems and formulas by leveraging cutting edge technology. Thus, essential oil extraction, natural hydrosol extraction and enhancement, cold pressed oil and micro plant particles extraction became a typical day at the farm. Their products, such as “Sensitive skin toner”, “Lavender Essential Oil”, “Sea buckthorn oil”, “Rosehip oil” and the recent “Melissa Youth”, being based on analysis on natural biocompatibility, are sure to impress the market. Nevertheless, Mayie organic products are certified by EcoCert and licensed by PETA as Vegan and Cruelty Free.

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15 Janos Hunyadi Street, Dumbrăvița, Romania


+40 726 785 288

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Giorgiu Toader Panait