Cultivating ways to stay young
Even though producing high quality sea buckthorn asks for skills and knowledge in every step of the chain, from the field to the consumer, after 10 years of production, Pereco can say that the plant has no more secrets for them. But, as Petre Ion, one the founder modestly says: “What is more important for us is that we have helped people discover this amazing plant. The world is full of wonders capable of making us fall in love with life and grasping it with all our heart. We are delighted that we have the opportunity to share one of them”. In pursuit of the company’s core strategy to deliver exceptional health enhancer products, Pereco explores a wide range of recipes for juice, jam, dehydrated fruits and, naturally, honey with sea buckthorn.
Bioca’s product range includes also different mixtures based on sea buckthorn, making this high-quality natural source of vitamins easily to incorporate in a healthy balanced diet. Learning from sea buckthorn to be generous in providing vitamin E, the "vitamin of youth", involved in the most important processes of regeneration in the human body, the company strives to have an active role in the community life by building product awareness and educating the market. Furthermore, they have taken up a high responsibility role as a connector of farmers in associations and clusters related to organic agriculture. This is the way the producers carry on a young spirit and help others to stay as young as them!

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233 Mihai Eminescu Street, Brazi-Bătești Village, Prahova County, Romania


+40 722 735 901

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Petre Ion