A menu with trout written in the stars
Last year, they returned with One Golden Star from world’s most coveted food awards – Great Taste, in London. Two years ago, they received Two Golden Stars from the supreme judges of the International Taste & Quality Institute, based in Brussels. It seems it’s written in the stars that the smoked trout specialities branded ValePutna are not at all an ordinary gourmet.This is truly a fact known for a long time, based on the recipes “smoked” for over 120 years of tradition. ValePutna, the modern premium brand, is a tribute to the first trout farm in Romania, founded in 1896 in one of the cleanest natural areas, like heaven on Earth - Bucovina, the Beech Country as the Germans used to call it. The local delicacy known as Cobza, smoked trout with fir cones and beechwood, dressed in fir-tree branches and tied in hazel twigs, was a special gift delivered in honour of the Crowning of His Majesty King Mihai I, in 1927.
A few years ago, a couple of investors came to Putna Valley and decided to continue the story. They set up a modern plant, using personal and European Union funding to acquire state-of-the art German technology. The ValePutna fish still come from the oldest trout farm, which is now in the Romanian state’s property (National Forestry Administration). The old Cobza is still living today through Trutta Dux products (smoked trout pate, bio cream cheese, limes and juniper berries) and, more than that, it is just starting a new path on foreign markets.

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135 B Păstrăvăriei Street, Valea Putnei Village (Pojorâta), Suceava County, Romania


+40 729 600 721

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Florin Ștefan Irimescu