Tradition at the heart of Transilvania
Perfect for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, Luna Solai cold pressed oils provide all the richness of the seeds due to a pure processing method that maintains the natural flavour untainted. Thus, it was a question of time before Luna Solai returned from the Brussels International Taste & Quality Institute with the maximum number of awarded stars (three) for its flagship cold pressed sunflower oil. After receiving in 2015 a Superior taste award for the pumpkin cold pressed oil and another Superior taste award in 2016 for the walnut cold pressed oil, recognition is becoming something natural for the luxury collection of Luna Solai oils, also a provider for the Romanian Royal House. However, the company’s main goal is not to win contests, but to demonstrate that a long-time family passion in cold-pressed oil could be preserved even inside a business.
Luna (the Moon) village, located in the Centre of Romania, is a place known for its vast fields of sunflower. And there lives the Tulai family, father and mother, long-time known for their craft in their neighbourhood – making cold-pressing oil, especially from sunflower seeds. Understanding that more and more people would enjoy this healthy oil, the family’s daughter decided to leave the corporate world and go back home to make a business out of her family’s passion. And so, the Luna Solai story begins, under a sky full of stars. After the already classics sunflower, pumpkin, flax, walnut, canola, rape, they are adding new chapters – hemp seeds oil and flavoured sunflower oil – thyme, basil and chilli, pepper and thyme. And the Luna Solai story has just started!

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Postal address:

117 A Luncani Village (Luna District), Cluj County, Romania


+40 747 921 004

Representative’s name:

Felicia Tulai