Our Venture

You needn’t be an independent judge from a prestigious world culinary contest to find that when it comes to food, it’s not mainly about smart packaging or clever marketing, it’s all about taste. As modern consumers, it is in our nature to be always looking for something special or at least different to what we are already accustomed to. This is particularly true when we explore different types of food, tasty, organic, still retaining that special flavour usually reserved to savvy customers.

Romanians are said to have plenty of such tasty products, some recognized by world taste institutes, as those in Brussels or London. Moreover, the certified organic food industry is undergoing rapid development, as our natural ecosystem favours this type of farming.

But what about that something special? Well, one can receive a certificate in this area as well. And this is even more valuable to one’s personal search, as it comes from even a more trustworthy source - the soul!

If you happened to come across the “Wild Carpathia” documentary, broadcasted all over the world, you might recollect HRH Charles, Prince of Wales, saying that Romania “nourishes the soul and the heart”, pledging for the preservation of its amazing ecosystem long lost in other parts of the world due to the consumerism pursuit. Maybe this is what Romania does special – it’s still preserving a traditional way of living and farming, in harmony with a generous mother-nature.

But, despite the fact that Romania has an amazing growth potential based on its natural richness, innovation, skills and passion, sometimes we have the feeling that – as it is the case of other market players from the CEE countries – the small and medium companies have less chances to make their brands known abroad. We took up the challenge of doing something! Thus, helping those who want more became our mission.

This pilot project, Integrated Export Services for Romanian SMEs, co-financed by Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union, aims at helping Romanian producers to become more competitive on foreign markets, by means of not only training, but also supporting them to exhibit their products at international prestigious exhibitions.

Several promising companies and clusters, empowered with an elaborate business plan, have been selected to participate into three international exhibitions across the globe. This group of champions have taken up the challenge of approaching foreign markets under the common brand, Romanian Organic Products.

If you want to get in touch with us, please write us at export@romanianorganicproducts.ro or you can visit our C30 Booth, in Hall 3, at Biofach China 2019, from May 16th to 18th.

For sure, you will want more! It’s certified!