A collective and traditional answer
Bio Carpathia Cooperative stands for the answer of almost 50 farmers to the modern consumer question: “Can I still drink real milk, with all its natural taste and nutrients or is everything powdered now? Can I still find traditional cheese or meat products?”. These farmers remembered the virtues of an associative production two years ago and today they have become the biggest Romanian producer of organic milk and meat, with a production of 3,600,000 litres of milk and 6,500 kg of beef annually. As the farms are located in areas known for high quality grazing and the animals are raised in an ecological system and fed with hay, lucerne, ecological rape and sunflower groats, Bio Carpathia products’ quality is guaranteed. Further exploiting the natural advantages of the cooperative, they also produce sheep meat.
But their expectations are higher and, starting with 2018, they have entered supermarkets with their own brand of organic dairy and beef. They also sell traditional cheese and dairy products, meat and raw-dried products, as well as vegetables, obtained through the exploitation of traditional organic technologies, on the Romanian and EU markets. Cultivating what the European Union is promoting as “the short food supply chains”, the cooperative has a high economic, social and cultural impact on the rural societies, facilitating a sustainable development. More than that, Bio Carpathia is revitalizing traditions in plant cultivation and animal husbandry, based on the technologies passed on from one generation to another for over 700 years, hence contributing to the preservation of an entire ecosystem.

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Postal address:

3 Gării Avenue, Flat 3, F Entrance, Brașov, Romania


+40 753 041 053

Representative’s name:

Daniela Blaj